These classes were honestly life changing for me. My head is out of the sand! We have a budget we’re sticking to and have way more money left over at the end of the month than ever before. I know about my IRA and where it’s going.”

–Jess, California

“I am a connoisseur of coaches, and let me tell you Kristiann is the absolute best I have found for getting your finances and financial practices in order. She can help you do it, and help it be sustainable even in your crazy busy life. Your relationships, your family and your financial future will all thank you for hiring this woman. Maybe it’s too much to ask you the reader, but please imagine having peace and quiet where there used to be chaos. I would have said, “What chaos? Everything is just FINE.” Now, as a single parent, having my finances all current and easily manageable, somehow causes the rest of my house to be sparkling clean. No I am not kidding! Learn these financial practices from Kristiann, and then enjoy all the side effects. It is life changing.”

–Thom, California

I am deeply grateful for Kristiann’s assistance to rebuild my financial life.  She has a huge heart that both compliments and helps drive her mastery at creating the possibility of redemption for those like me in deep, financial trouble.  Her guidance has lifted both my morale and belief in my ability to succeed financially.  I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Kristiann to any and all who are ready to transform their financial lives.

–Bill, California

You changed my life about money and the value it carries.  I learned so much about myself and my relationship with money.  You taught me to not be afraid to see where my money goes.  I learned that by allocating my money every month I could actually save and not spend every penny thinking I would not have enough money to enjoy my life.  In fact, the opposite is true, I have more money now then I have had since I started working in 1976.  You helped me believe in myself!  The most important gift I received from you was being able to pay it forward.  Thank you for helping me understand my emotions attached to money.

–Margaret, California

I have known Kristiann both professional and personally for over 20 years. She has excellent character and a very high level of integrity. She takes pride in teaching and helping others. She has the heart of a teacher. I would highly recommend her with important and sensitive financial decisions.

–Laura, Colorado

Thank you for teaching such a helpful and informative class. I definitely learned the tools my family needs to get our financial house in shape.  I also appreciate the extra emails about my 401(k) and college savings.

 –Kristina, California

A fear that had kept me from going to a financial coach was that I would be judged or lectured to, but Kristiann was informative, encouraging and professional at all times. Consulting with her not only made me more motivated to pay off debt, it is also helping me to do that more effectively. I highly recommend her!

–Eileen, Utah

God used Kristiann’s talents and gifts to help us turn our situation around. We are forever grateful for her coaching us on this new path.

–Jason and Lisa, Florida

We were referred to Kristiann to help us understand the way we should take care of our debts and finances.  She was very helpful teaching us how to manage a budget, and now we are able to manage our expenses better. Getting Kristiann’s help made a huge difference in our financial part of life.  She is a very professional Financial Counselor.

–Lourdes, Utah

Thank you so much Kristiann.  Your worksheets have definitely been helping us and we have been able to start saving money which we hadn’t done in a while! You really helped us during a scary time, I thank you so much for that!

–Gisselle, California