About Me

Financial Educator, Coach, and Barista


Your mind jumped right to that one, didn’t it? Ok…I’ll work backwards. When I was in my early 20s I worked at Starbucks while my husband finished up a graduate degree. Believe it or not, this was a fabulous training ground for financial coaching.

Why? Because I saw how people wasted $5 a day on coffee? No, because I saw how thrilled people were when they received a product made just for them. That’s what I do with financial plans…make one just for you, because there isn’t one that fits us all.


In high school and college I played lacrosse. After that I coached for a few years as well. What does lacrosse have to do with finances? A lot, actually, but there are two big similarities. First, we need a coach and a team to succeed in whatever we do in life. We aren’t meant to go it alone. Second, as a player and a coach I found that we have more energy when we are winning! We’ve gotta do this thing…we’ve got to be on a winning team and then there is energy!


I was a math teacher at both high school and college levels. Most people who hate math hate it because they think they can’t do it. My entire first class period each semester was dedicated to showing my students that they already had the skills necessary to be successful mathematicians. I surprised a lot of them, and then we had a great time! The same is true of finances. You have the skills you need already.

I believe that God guides us through life, through different circumstances and experiences, to make us into who He designed us to be. Who knew that being a barista, a lacrosse coach, and a math teacher were the key factors in putting together this financial coach? He knew.
I can’t wait to hear your story.


P.S. Not only can I whip up a mean cup o’ joe (and I’ve kept up those skills!), here are a few other (more boring) qualifications:

  • Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC)
  • Military Spouse Financial Counselor Fellowship (2010)
  • Dave Ramsey Certified Counselor (2008)
  • Master’s Degree: Public Administration
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Mathematics